Icon Pop Mania All Level Answers

Icon Pop Mania is a new game from the famous developers Alegrium, they are responsible for games like Icon Pop Quiz and Icon Pop Brand. This game challenges you to find what that icon represents, it can be of these – Famous people, Character, Country, City, Tv & Movies, Brand. This game is so addictive that I have been playing it continuously for the past 6 hours. You can use coins to skip levels or remove extra letters or key in a letter in the given box. I will be posting solution for all levels here, just make sure to use Ctrl + F to search icon description or no. of letters or the category to find the correct answer. You can also check the solution screenshot, do note that the icons might not appear in the same order as mine. As of now this app is available only on IOS but expecting it to be in Google Play soon.

level-1-answers level-2-answers level-3-answers level-4-answers level-5-answers level-6-answers level-7-answers level-8-answers level-9-answers

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